About the Danish Tour Guide

"I am the Danish Tour Guide and I aim to create experiences for Danes and others while traveling in the USA. After seven years in New York City I'm now living life in Las Vegas. I've traveled many places in the USA, and have through my personal life and professional life a large network of travel professionals that I will utilize to bring you the best!" – Maria-Leena Kerr

The Purpose

"It all started as a dream in New York City and many years later we still provide tourists with amazing services and sightseeing in the City that never sleeps. Licensed, passionate and knowledgeable guides in NY is awaiting you. Same goes for Washington D.C and Las Vegas. As we expand our network we will continue to link you with travel professionals in other cities and areas - but they will share the same vision as us! This is more than just a job! Traveling is a lifestyle!"

Our services

Sightseeing –
Most importantly is our provision of linking you with professional tour guides with great personalities! The kind of tour guides that make you feel less like a tourist but more as a friend! Preferably speaking your language of your preference!

Concierge services –
The common tasks of a hotel concierge and then some. That's what an online concierge can do for you. Being based in the USA means we have access and ease to a large network of travel professionals. Let us handle it!

Travel blogs –
Enjoy our free travel blogs and articles. Read them for recommendation and inspiration. They'll be about destinations throughout the USA as we explore and experience them!

Our affiliation

Maria-Leena Kerr is a member of Guides Association of New York City (GANYC), Las Vegas Tourist Guide Guild (LVTGG), International Association of Tour Directors and Guides (IATDG) and finally Discover America Denmark. While not all – many of the tour guides and travel professionals she work with have same or similar memberships. Please note that all will be licensed and/or insured where it is mandatory by law.

Our feedback

We take reviews very seriously and urge you to let us know anything you have on your mind regarding the services you've received from us. We prefer - of course - top-notch compliments but understand that sometimes it's not always perfect. However ... so far so good; our online (and offline) reviews have been so wonderful and make us very happy! We do take reviews personally and to heart as this business is our passion!

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