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NYC on a budget: Skip the Lines and Travel on a Weekday

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(Written by our NYC correspondent: Larisa Perez)

Ah! New York City! The City that never sleeps! The Big Apple! Glimmer! Lights! Camera! Action! Jazz Hands!

We all love New York. Even when we live here and we hate it, we still love New York.

We love the New York of movies and TV Shows.

We love the New York of endless possibilities; The New York that millions of tourists stream to each year almost religiously. There is just nothing like it in the world.

Yet, tourists come here and encounter the grim truth! It is very expensive to even spend time here let alone live here. Especially if you stay within the path of the usual tourist attractions and come on the same days that EVERYONE else does.

So here I am, a native New York who was raised in Brooklyn here to the rescue.

My suggestion: Skip the lines and come on a weekday. It’s a well- known travel trick to save a lot of money: to book your trip from a Tuesday or Wednesday! All your favorite places and even some places that you haven’t heard about are all open on these days and get this: at most museums you can get in for free or at a discount during these days!

Don’t believe me? Here is just one of many examples:

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is normally $12/per person admission. But it has two free days: Tuesdays and Saturdays. Tuesdays it is FREE ALL DAY, but Saturdays it is FREE only in the morning. What would you rather do: spend $12 or have to wake up really early to be able to make it here on time to catch the free admission? Or, how about having the opportunity to come to Brooklyn to check out nearby Prospect Park and still make it to the Botanic Garden FOR FREE later on? It’s more relaxing that way! After all, you are on Vacation! Just because you’re in New York, doesn’t mean you have to stress out like a New Yorker.

Here is a full list of such deals:

If you come at the beginning of the week you will be able to go through all of these attractions and even more ALL FOR FREE! That will leave you more money for maybe a Broadway show or two or a better hotel room! Who knows?

So Skip the lines and come early in the week. Less people means a more personalized experience!