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NYC Itinerary

New York – Only! For now! More cities to come …

Would it not be great if you could travel to New York knowing that in your bag you have a specific, well-prepared itinerary that is planned out according to your wishes? An itinerary that allows you to experience everything you want, in the right order so you do not end wasting time on transportation. An itinerary that allows you to NOT stress yourself trying to do everything the last minute.

[The] Danish Tour Guide is pleased to offer this service that will give you a better overview of your trip. In the itinerary, you will get suggestions to which trains and busses you should take in order to get from your hotel to the different destinations and back home again. Of course, you can change the program as you see fit. As a bonus, the NYC itinerary will include fun facts about the different neighborhoods you will explore.
Everything is based on the answers you provide us with on questionnaire you’ll receive upon booking.

How does it work: In the below booking calendar, pick the Monday you’d like to receive your itinerary. Please allow us at least 14 days of preparation if possible. After booking you’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out so that we can have a clearer idea of what your wishes are. You’ll receive the itinerary by email as a PDF file, as well as Google Doc.

Price: $99 + booking fee covering an itinerary of up to 7 days. Want additional days? Contact us prior to booking.