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Sightseeing Tours - Las Vegas, Nevada

Our tours in Las Vegas are private - just for you and your travel buddies. They're perfect for families as well. Your choice of an English or Danish speaking tour guide!

As a different thing to do while visiting Las Vegas, why not take a break from the glam and glitter (and poker chips) and get some cultural insight into the town you’re visiting?

Since we started the business geared towards Danish tourists in New York it’s been our mission to always get under the skin of our destination, show a neighborhood’s unique attractiveness.

Our focus is on the Downtown Historic Las Vegas – where it all started and a place that – besides the Fremont Experience is quite often overlooked or not granted as much attention as the Strip. In some ways it may also be ‘misunderstood’.

Downtown has historic anecdotes, surprising (and in some case a little too shocking) sights and is a true example of what gentrification and revitalization can do to a neighborhood.