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Concierge Services Packages

New York City – Only! For now!

It can be an overwhelming feeling the first time you’re planning a trip to New York. A lot of time and effort goes into your planning and you may have a lot of questions you’d love to get an answer to – but not from Google. Then, to top it off there’s the headache of figuring out how to deal with transportation when you’re arriving and the first couple of days.

Our conciergepackages are ideal for anyone who would like assistance when planning their trip, and make the arrival easy. We have three different kinds but are always looking to develop new solutions that’ll make your trip easier! Want something different? Let us know: Email us!

All Concierge Packages include the following standard services:

Your emails get prioritized!
We get a lot of email with questions regarding planning of vacations to New York. We don’t have enough time in the day to answer everyone within reasonable time. But, with our concierge services we promise you that you’ll get an answer to your email within 24 hours and most likely within just a couple.

Unlimited Metrocard
Don’t worry about the hassle of getting your Metrocards in the machines at the stations. You’ll get a 7-day “unlimited” Metrocard so you can utilize the subways and busses in all five boroughs for a whole week.

Laminated city-map
Since our early days as a tourist in New York this map has been our favorite. So naturally we want you to have one as well. It’ll get shipped to you with your Metrocards to your home address, or delivered to you in person. Depending on your choice of concierge package.

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Concierge Package #1

Package includes above-mentioned standard services plus the following:

30 minutes conversation via Skype or Facetime
Together we’ll find a suitable time to have a conversation over Skype. We can in some cases also arrange for a regular telephone conversation. During the thirty minutes you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions about things related to your vacation. Afterwards we’ll continue over email. See above.

Concierge Package #2

Package includes above-mentioned standard services plus the following:

Airport – transfer with a buddy
One of our NYC-experts will meet you in the terminal and together you’ll use the public transportation to your destination.

Airtrain ticket (one-way)
Since we’re utilizing public transportation we got you covered for the airtrain so don’t worry about trying to figure out how to use those ticket machines. We’ll pass right through.

Concierge Package #3

Package includes above-mentioned standard services plus the following:

Transportation from airport
Let’s arrange for a chauffeured car so that you can arrive in NYC in style. You’ll arrive knowing that your driver is awaiting you!

45 meeting with NYC-expert.
Either on the day of your arrival or the next day you’ll meet with your NYC-expert. It could be in the lobby of your hotel, or a nearby café. We’ll spend time together discussing questions you may have as well as drawing up a potential itinerary for your stay.