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Multilingual guides

Why New York, Ryan Brix?

Did you enjoy getting to know Jeremy Wilcox, Jared Goldstein, Ben Wagenberg and Sara Lyons? Next up is a friend of mine who I find absolutely brilliant: Ryan Brix. His encyclopedic knowledge mixed with sense of humor means he’s NOT a ‘dry and boring’ tour guide. He volunteers and spends most of the winter abroad exploring and building friendships all over the world. He speaks English and Spanish fluently and he is one of my go-to-guides when hiring qualified, fun tour guides for my own tours. Want to know how he answered the questions  in this series of asking professional, licensed tour guides  the question: Why New York? – go ahead: Please read below.   #WhyNewYork Q: Name, year born A: Ryan Brix, 1980 Q: Where were you born? A: Nebraska Q: If not NYC born, when did you move to NYC permanently? Why…