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New York

Virtual Tour of Victorian Flatbush with Jeremy Wilcox

a tree in front of a building

The Corona virus crisis have forced many of us to think outside of the box. Many tour guides have ventured into Youtube videos, LIVE sessions from Facebook and Instagram and webinars. I’ll be hosting a webinar myself on April 6, 2020 (read more about that in Danish here) and Jeremy Wilcox, of Custom Tours NYC…

Why New York, Ryan Brix?

Did you enjoy getting to know Jeremy Wilcox, Jared Goldstein, Ben Wagenberg and Sara Lyons? Next up is a friend of mine who I find absolutely brilliant: Ryan Brix. His encyclopedic knowledge mixed with sense of humor means he’s NOT a ‘dry and boring’ tour guide. He volunteers and spends most of the winter abroad exploring and…

Why New York, Ben Wagenberg?

Did you enjoy getting to know Jeremy Wilcox and Jared Goldstein? I enjoyed reading their answers to my questions. Both awesome guides, Natives New Yorkers. Don’t worry – there’s several non-natives New Yorker guides coming up. Like myself. The next featured guide will be Ben Wagenberg. Ben and I are former collegaues and when I…

Why New York, Jared Goldstein?

Did you enjoy getting to know Jeremy Wilcox a little bit? I hope you did. The next person and talented tour guide I’ll focus on in this series of asking professional, licensed tour guides  the question: Why New York? will be Jared Goldstein! I have not personally experienced one of his tours, but he is…

Why New York, Jeremy Wilcox?

A couple of days ago I asked my network of licensed NYC tour guides to answer a couple of questions about their relationship to New York City. The questions are not neccesarily indepth but I am hoping it’ll throw a little light over the personalities behind the title of “NYC Tour Guide”. I am all…

Bonbon – A Swedish Candy Co.

“Do you have salt licorice?” – I asked with hesitance after being welcomed into the not-yet opened candy store on 130 Allen Street in Lower East Side. I had been invited inside by the two gents, Selim and Robert when I passed by and stopped for a second as I saw the words Swedish candy…

Freestyle Pass New York

**This blogpost contains affiliate links. We will receive a small percentage of sales in commission which we are thankful for! One way of saving money on attractions while traveling in the USA is to buy a ‘pass’ or ‘card’. There’s multiple options which we’ll cover over…

12 years ago…

The Danish Tour Guide 2006
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Yesterday was my 12 year anniversary. I “celebrated” by going to Souplantation with my family, in Las Vegas where I live now.

September 26, 2006 I traveled to the USA for the first time. I went to New York City. Even though I didn’t expect the trip to be more than just a trip across the Atlantic it totally changed my life.

In what way?

I fell in love. I’ve tried to explain to people over the years how it felt. How come I knew “it was just right” after only visiting for a week … nevertheless that’s what it was. I was in love with New York City!

During those twelve years I traveled back and forth to the city as a tourists thirteen times. I spent 4.5 months in an internship with Manhattan Walking Tour, as a part of my education in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Copenhagen Hospitality College in Denmark. Before I graduated from that program I had already applied to City University of New York – City Tech in Brooklyn and was accepted. July 1, 2011 I officially traveled across the Atlantic for the last time as a ‘visitor’ and I found a nice little studio apartment in Forest Hills, NY. That’s a wonderful, family-oriented neighborhood in Queens. It has everything you need, it’s cozy and quiet and safe. And just 25-30 minute train ride with the subway to Midtown Manhattan.

I lived in Forest Hills for just about seven years (and six months in Elmhurst, NY) before leaving the City behind and settling in Las Vegas. Motivated by a desire to expand the business and create a different lifestyle for my son and myself.

It doesn’t change the fact that New York City is my home and probably will feel that way for a very long time. That’s also a part of the reason I continue building and caring for the business I’ve built over the years while living in NY. It allows me to travel back once in a while and help tourists “get under the skin” of the City. It’s a motivating job and I appreciate being able to do it still!

Here’s a snippet of a post I wrote after my first vacation as a tourist in New York, in 2006. Hope you enjoy – and I’m looking forward to showing you why I loved NYC so much:

“September 26, 2006.

It was an early morning, didn’t sleep all night. My bags were almost packed and all I had to do was get as much coffee down without puking – I was a nervous wreck.