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What we do

Hej there!

As a member of tourism organizations and with years of dedication to the industry and a happy traveler – I am more than eager to hear if you have any inquiries! We work with individuals, travel agencies, DMCs, companies and other. We will as far as it is possible provide you with a tour guide speaking your language on sightseeing tours – and upon request in regards to concierge services. As of right now – all travel blogs will be in English.


We customize sightseeing to fit your needs and interests at various locations in the USA. NYC, DC or LV is our primary destinations to start off with but we take requests. As far as it’s possible we’ll provide a guide that speaks your preferred language!


We provide online concierge services such as recommendation of areas to exlore, attractions to visit, we can manage reservations and bookings of restaurants, events and concerts as well as transportation. We will work with various tasks so let us know!

Travel Blog

We offer travel blogs and articles written by travel professionals or others who are passionate about the area they describe. They’ll be focused on destinations, personal experiences and “How-To” guides to traveling in the USA.