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Why New York, Ben Wagenberg?

Did you enjoy getting to know Jeremy Wilcox and Jared Goldstein? I enjoyed reading their answers to my questions. Both awesome guides, Natives New Yorkers. Don’t worry – there’s several non-natives New Yorker guides coming up. Like myself. The next featured guide will be Ben Wagenberg. Ben and I are former collegaues and when I met Ben I immediately liked his calm demeanor. He’s very personable and someone you feel like can be your friend immediately.  Let’s see how he responded to the questionnaire I have in this series of asking professional, licensed tour guides  the question: Why New York?

Please read below.



Our third tour guide to be featured, is Ben Wagenberg the owner of –Ben’s Bagel Tours!  No, seriously…. Stop right there! BAGEL TOURS?? Yes. Yes, you read correct. If there’s nothing else you do in New York City it has to be a Bagel Tour! Bagels are so much a part of the New York City make-up. And Benjamin aka Ben is just a really sweet, and cool guide.

Without further ado: Here’s his answers to my questions under the subject: #WhyNewYork?

Q: Name, year born
A: Ben Wagenberg 1954

Q: Where were you born?
A: New York, USA

Q: If NYC born, did you ever leave the City for more than a year?
A: No!
Q: When did you become a NYC licensed tour guide?
A: 2012
Q: How did you become a tour guide? What made you go into the profession?
A: I always wanted to be a tour guide so I took the City test and got my license
Q: Tell me the worst thing that ever happened on a tour, and how you handled it?
A: When I was a tour guide on a tour bus, a child vomited and I and the passengers had to smell it for over two hours.
Q: Tell me about the best experience you ever had as a guide, that may have changed your perspective and made you an even better guide?
A: Any time a tour participants says they enjoyed the tour and learned something – that is a good experience!
Q: If you could no longer work as a tour guide, what profession would you seek?
A: You have it the other way around. I was in Human Resources for 35 years and I always wanted to be a tour guide. So that’s what I did!
Q: What kind of tour do you prefer giving? Walking, mode of transportation? Neighborhood? Theme?
A: Walking is the best way to explore a neighborhood. Food and history are the basis for my tours.
Q: What do you want tourists to know about YOU?
A: I am a Native New Yorker and have experienced New York for over 60 years. Someone who reads aloud from a ‘script’ doesn’t give tour participants a true idea of the city.
Q: Tell me a thing you don’t like about NYC?
A: It has become too expensive and not really amenable for the middle class.
Q: Where do you buy your coffee/tea?
A: Can’t answer. I don’t drink either.
Q: What’s your favorite NYC food?
A: My tour business is named Ben’s Bagel Tours, what do you think?

Ben, thank you for opening up about your life as a tour guide. A true Native New Yorker living and breathing his City!
I recommend anyone looking for an unique sightseeing tour in NYC to look up your Bagel Tours; you can do so by going to his Facebook business page: or his website: – Do you happen to know which bagel is my favorite?


Design your own tour – experience the City the way it’s supposed to be experienced!