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Design your Own Tour



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Custom NYC Sightseeing Tour

It’s as personalized as it gets. It’s you, your interests, your needs, and we make it happen. Want to see everything or just a little bit? Want to spend the whole day, half a day, or just a couple of hours? Do you want all five boroughs of NYC or just Downtown Manhattan? Do you have special dietary requests but want to go on a food tour of the Big Apple? Does your group of travelers require certain accommodation? Whatever the case may be – we’re here to make it happen. Just give us some time to prepare 😉 These tours can range from two hours to several days if need be. If you don’t see your desired times please contact us and we will set up an option and price for you!

Here’s some examples of customized tours we’ve done in the past:

Two-hour “Upper-Upper Manhattan”: Together with tourists that had already visited NY several times before, we decided to venture to the upper part of Manhattan. We went through neighborhoods where tourists don’t usually go and we experienced a Manhattan with beautiful architecture and culture. The tourists expressed: “We can’t believe this is how Upper Manhattan looks like. Wow!”

Four-hour “Graffiti tour in Williamsburg and Long Island City”: It was a birthday present for a 18-year old son, who at the end of the tour told us: “It didn’t even feel like a tour. It felt just like hanging out with friends!” We ventured through the Jewish and the hip neighborhoods of Williamsburg in Brooklyn and ended up in the new cool ‘hood of Long Island City in Queens.

Six-hour “Mundane NYC tour”: Nothing mundane about the tour, however that was the requested “theme” of the tour. We started out on the Upper West Side, went through Central Park to Harlem, through East Harlem where you can still get the sense of a more “authentic” Manhattan neighborhood. We experienced the fancy Upper East Side before finishing off at Grand Central Terminal. The tourists proclaimed: “We would never had experienced so much during such a short period of time – especially not on our own!”