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Legoland New York | Bring your baby – Trips & Tours

Legoland New York

First of, let me say that this isn’t a sponsored post but I think that it should be! First of, because I’m Danish and hello … LEGO is Danish. Second, because I grew up visiting the OG of the Legoland Theme parks – in Billund! Third, because I’m a travel professional. Fourth, because my son loves Lego and I’ve spent too much money on Lego sets the past year.

But I received the newsletter this morning that Legoland New York is finally opening up. The first 3 weeks are considered a “soft” opening, with some limitations in rides and food services. Their hotel isn’t open yet either.

If you had the 1st to Play Pass you could visit Legoland New York this weekend already. But if not, then the preview is open for reservations starting now for next weekend May 29, 2021. In case you didn’t know what to do for Memorial Day weekend, now you do. But be quick… While I took my sweet time all timed entry slots from Saturday and Sunday was snapped up. I’ll be bringing my babies at the earliest day there after. Keep an eye on my Instagram accounts for ‘behind the scenes’ content:

They’re also lowering the entry price to only $49.99 and kids under 3 are free! But why not consider a gold annual pass? It’s $229.99 but gives you unlimited entry to Legoland New York as well as 30 other Merlin attractions throughout the US (Madame Tussaud’s New York, and Sealife NJ, hello!). I was already planning on bring the kids to Legoland Discovery Center in Boston – and now I don’t have to spent money on that, because it’s included in my annual pass.  Also gives you free parking ($20 saved) and other discounts in the park. As far as I could understand, they won’t activate your annual pass until their full opening so the 12 months don’t start until you come back after June 20. In my book, that’s almost like getting the first visit for free!

Leg Godt – Play well.

See ya in Legoland!