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Virtual Tour of Victorian Flatbush with Jeremy Wilcox

a tree in front of a building

The Corona virus crisis have forced many of us to think outside of the box. Many tour guides have ventured into Youtube videos, LIVE sessions from Facebook and Instagram and webinars. I’ll be hosting a webinar myself on April 6, 2020 (read more about that in Danish here) and Jeremy Wilcox, of Custom Tours NYC will in collaboration with Untapped Cities host an virtual tour of Victorian Flatbush on Monday, April 6, as well.  (You can read a little about Jeremy here)

I’ve been on his Victorian Flatbush tour in person a couple of years ago and I absolutely loved it. Flatbush in Brooklyn has a ‘certain reputation’ that might make you avoid the area but on this tour you’ll gain insight into wonderful history and amazing architecture. Just like so many other neighborhoods in New York City – there’s more than meet the eye!


“Join Untapped New York tour guide Jeremy Wilcox on a tour through Victorian Flatbush. Flatbush is a neighborhood that best encapsulates the full history of Brooklyn — from its 17th-century Dutch colonial history to 19th-century residential growth to a population boom of working-class immigrant communities in the 20th century. Jeremy will explore this progression and show you how centuries of history are preserved within a small area.

You will also see part of Flatbush’s greatest treasure: the subsection known collectively as Victorian Flatbush. Several small historic districts, mansions, and church grounds dating back to 1654 are some of the highlights you will see on this unique tour in Central Brooklyn.Please consider giving a tip to Jeremy to support him during this time on Venmo @Jeremy-Wilcox”

“See” you in New York City!

… before social distancing was a thing!