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A new family-travel project | Bring your baby – Trips & Tours

Traveling with Markus

In 2016 I had my firstborn – a son named Markus. In 2020 I had my second child, my daughter Evelyn. In between  the two I decided to blog and share my experiences traveling with a small child. I had a rather fun Instagram account focused on traveling with my son using the hashtag #travelingwithmarkus. He’s been cross country twice and cross atlantic by the time he was 6 months old. Add another couple of years and he’s been cross country, and to and from NY/DC and back and forth over the Atlantic four times. Or is it 6?

Then comes baby sister in the end of January. She’s now 15 months old and she hasn’t even been on a plane. BUT she did spend three weeks with her brother on the backseat of the Toyota while mommy drove them from Vegas to NYC in the middle of a pandemic. And on a spring break getaway from NYC to Connecticut.

I am a tour guide and a tour director. Traveling and exploring is in my blood. And people tell me how brave I am traveling with the kids. For me it’s second nature. So I want to share our experiences to encourage you to also travel and go places – even if it’s more local than cross country or international.

Follow along on @bringyourbaby – on Facebook and Instagram. And get ready for blog posts about our adventures here on the website.

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