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Palm Springs Village Fest

Palm Springs Village Fest – The Danish Tour Guide1

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Every Thursday Downtown Palm Springs turns into a “street fair featuring arts, crafts, foods and entertainment” – and it’s so much fun! I’ve experienced it a couple of times and it’s a given that I’ll attend whenever I visit Palm Springs.

Walking through the streets along with the many, many other locals and visitors alike looking at interesting displays and booths with locally grown foods, handmade jewelry, arts and clothing. Listening to local musicians. Buying snacks and making small talk with different sellers. Also – most retailers as well as restaurants on the street are open late so you’ll have a chance to check that out too.

There’s a sense of “small-town” and you feel the community getting together. It’s really cozy and I definitely recommend it. Some weeks have more people visiting for obvious reasons but the night in question where these pictures are from was somewhat of a “slower” Thursday.

EvenĀ  my son Markus enjoyed it. All the lights and sounds had him very curious in the beginning – and then he fell a sleep. Since the majority of the year in Palm Springs will have pleasant temperatures at evening and night time there’s no reason not to take the children with you for a night ‘out on the town’!

Check out the official website for more information: