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Joju Báhn Mì – Vietnamese in Queens

Jo Ju Banh Mi - The Danish Tour Guide
Jo Ju Banh Mi - The Danish Tour Guide
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I lived 7 years in New York City all of them except 6 months was in Forest Hills, Queens. For 6 months though I lived in Elmhurst, a primarily Asian neighborhood also in Queens. 
My most popular sightseeing tour in New York City is the Taste of Queens Tour – which is not a food tour, but meant as a ‘appetizer’ into the borough of Queens. Elmhurst is not a part of that tour but Elmhurst could be a stand-alone food tour for sure! A lot of great options within just a few blocks from each other. 

Jo Ju Banh Mi - The Danish Tour Guide
While I’m contemplating that… I can tell you this much: I found my typical spot for american-chinese take-out, a typical american pizzaria with delicious potato pizzas, another Chinese family style restaurant with a lot of interesting dishes where the “potato in spicy sauce” is a new obsession of mine. It’s basically just raw potato strips in a pepper sauce. And it’s so yummy!
But finally … I ran into Joju Bánh Mì – A modern Vietnamese sandwich place located 83-25 Broadway, Elmhurst.

Jo Ju Banh Mi - The Danish Tour Guide
It was one of those accidental things that happens. I just happened to be stopping by. They have a large selection of sandwiches, varieties of drinks and fries with different toppings. I chose a classic “báhn mì” sandwich with ham, cheese, daikon, cucumber, carrots and more. You decide how spicy you want it – and obviously I chose “More Spicy” with shiracha. Hey, anything with Sriracha gets my attention!

It was just around $6 and oh, so delicious!😀

Jo Ju Banh Mi - The Danish Tour Guide
Their Kimchi Fries (featured on top picture) is also to die for …

I can’t wait to return to Joju on upcoming trips into NYC.

And for you; want a customized food tour in New York City? Contact us. Want to explore on your own – well, this is just another reason to visit Queens!